Engineering Services

Many of the projects that we work on begin with a technical challenge that requires engineering. We assist our customers in taking concepts and turning them into manufactured parts. We are very familiar with the prototyping and small lot production that starts off any new design. Let us assist you in selecting the correct adhesives for your application or create a custom laminate that works in your unique product.

Engineering Support

Often our customers rely on us to select a replacement for a current material due to cost, availability or discontinuation. They seek our help in reducing their costs or lead times by using a different material or redesigning their part. While standard tooling and production techniques are usually fine, on some occasions, custom equipment needs to be designed and built.

CR Technology uses Auto Cad as our primary drafting software. In addition, we have Coreldraw Graphics Suite X4 that we use for design support and for interfacing with our laser. Our in-house machine shop allows us to support prototypes and development while also giving us the ability to create fixtures and tooling to supplement the production process.

Engineering Partnership

When you partner with CR Technology, you not only gain over 30 years of material and fabrication knowledge, you are working with the most talented engineering and applications team in the industry. If you require heat mitigation or continually struggling with unwanted electronic noise, we have a solution for even the most challenging applications. CRT is on the cutting edge of new product technology, we continuously update our product offerings to give you the latest innovative solutions. We also invest in the most efficient manufacturing equipment to provide these materials as fast and competitive as possible.

Choosing the Right Material

At CRT, our primary focus is to work with our customers through the early design phase, supporting them from concept to production. We walk you through the material selection process to help you understand material options and benefits as they pertain to your specific application and needs. Some of the areas we focus on include:

  • Application & Evaluations Review
  • Physical & Mechanical Considerations
  • Thermal & Temperature Requirements
  • Chemical Resistance Capacity
  • Additional Certifications or Specifications Needed

Talk to an Engineer

Contact us today and get in touch with our qualified engineers for assistance on your project now.

Consider CRT as Part of Your Engineering Team

  • Material Selection
  • Engineering Data
  • Material Properties
  • Determine Effective Manufacturability
  • Develop Custom Manufacturing Line
  • Physical Properties Research
  • Product Testing and Validation

Additional Engineering Services

  • Thermal Management Analysis
  • EMC Compliance Support
  • EMI Mitigation Concepts
  • EMC Testing
  • Rubber and Elastomer Evaluation
  • Plastics Engineering
  • Manufacturing Transition

Thermal & EMI Solutions