About CRT

History of CR Technology

CR Technology was founded in 1981 and was instrumental in the development of an exciting new thermal interface pad technology. Through the use a highly flexible graphite material called Grafoil, CRT became the sole manufacturer of these thermal interface pads for use in T-03 and T-05 transistor production during the 1980s.

Present Day

CR Technology, Inc. is a second-generation global manufacturer and converter of Thermal Management and EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic Interference / Radio Frequency Interference) products. Located just 30 minutes from Boston Massachusetts, we provide advanced Thermal & EMI Solutions to leading companies in consumer electronics, automotive, communications, medical, aerospace, industrial electronics and many more.

On to the Future

CRT is committed to developing and producing new products to meet the ever-changing demands set-forth by our customers. We are driven by our customers to explore innovative new technologies to meet the Thermal and EMI challenges of today and tomorrow.

Thermal & EMI Solutions