Silicone Free Thermal Materials

EverTherm Non-Silicone Thermal Pad Series

EverTherm EVAF Series Non-silicone Thermal Pads are produced from our advanced silicone free resin system. EverTherm Silicon-free Thermal Pads will not cause circuit failure and contain zero siloxane copolymer which can generate silicone oil seepage. A non- silicone formulation eliminates pump-out and is optimal when outgassing is a concern in applications such as medical devices, space, communications and tightly sealed environments. EverTherm Non-silicone Thermal Pads also exhibit good tensile strength and wear resistance.

Advantages of Non-Silicone

  • Silicone oils can bleed leading to migration and contamination
  • Silicone contamination can cause local component contamination.
  • Silicone oil can cause drying, cracking and allow air gaps to form on the interface
  • Non-Silicones contain synthetic oils, vegetable oils, surfactants, tactifying resins and thermoplastic elastomers
  • Non-silicone thermal pads remain tacky and stay place

Non-Silicone Applications

  • Power battery pack
  • Vehicle navigation systems
  • Optical precision equipment
  • Camera equipment
  • Notebook computer
  • Space and satellite communications
  • Mobile and communication equipment
  • Automotive engine control equipment
  • High end industrial control and medical electronics
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