Assembly & Kitting

At CR Technology, we carry the most an extensive and vast line of materials suitable for many applications and fabricate precision components for all phases of the production cycle. We also provide secondary assembly services to keep your supply chain activities running smooth and efficient. We offer additional options for fabricated components to create value-added sub-assemblies and finished products. This allows CR Technology to be your value-added solutions partner, offering one stop convenience, experience, quality, and competitive pricing.

Value Added Innovation

Our customers rely on us more and more to take parts that we have fabricated and integrate them into a partial or complete products. We have assembled shielded thermal insulating pads where we have taken thermally conductive silicone elastomers and sandwiched some copper foil then attached a connecting wire using a soldering process.

Laser cut polycarbonate and acrylic have been used to create shielded display windows by capturing an ultra -fine wire mesh with conductive adhesive around the edges and conductive contact points. We have taken layers of die cut conductive fabrics and have wrapped them around electrical cables to shield them from outside interference.

It is sometimes required that we kit various parts that we have die cut along with outside sourced or customer supplied hardware to create a kit ready for distribution. Custom packaging to specification, labeling, marking, silk screening, as well as other processes, are also used to add value to what we do for our customers.

Need Kitting?

Tell us about your project's needs and we will make sure that your order is assembled and kitted!

Value Added Options

  • Sub-assembly and complete assembly
  • Kitting
  • Part installation
  • Bonding of additional parts
  • Engraving, Marking, coating, painting, pad printing, & hot stamping
  • Product testing
  • Component sourcing
  • Inventory Management Kanban, JIT, Breadman, Dock to Stock

Why Customers Rely on CRT

  • Sub-assemblies are made up of many components we have already cut or fabricated
  • Our customer may not have assembly or packaging capabilities in house
  • We offer over 30 years of experience in our industry
  • Consolidating operations provides a cost-effective product

Thermal & EMI Solutions