Waterjet Cutting

WaterJet Cutting Solutions

Water jet cutting is the process by which high pressure water is forced through a small nozzle producing an extremely clean and precise cut.

One advantage of waterjet cutting is the ability of parts to be tightly nested, thus maximizing yield potential. Waterjet cutting offers extremely accurate cuts for complex and intricate components, efficient use of materials and less compression distortion. Another advantage to water jet cutting is its reliable efficiency for producing prototype and test parts or short production runs.

CR Technology waterjet cutting capability is a fast, flexible and accurate process of cutting encompassing simple or complex parts in all phases of the production cycle.

Unlimited Waterjet Cutting Options

Our 5-Axis Waterjet capability can provide precision cut designs in a wide variety of materials. Having the diversity of both abrasive and water only options allows for unlimited fabricating possibilities. Softer materials ranging from low durometer rubber or foam, to highly loaded metallic-filled products, along with rigid composite s are cut with ease. Having the abrasion cutting flexibility we can also cut steel up to 6” thick. Our WaterJet table has a 55″ x 55″ cutting surface and can hold even the tightest tolerance based on thickness and material.

Waterjet Advantages

  • Avoids heat and stress of the material, ensuring the highest structural integrity
  • No tooling cost
  • Clean cuts with high tolerances
  • Cutting material too thick to cut by means of die cutting
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Nested cutting arrangements for maximum material yield
  • Upload most CAD files instantly
  • Prototyping parts to later be die cut in volume production

Our Waterjet Capabilities

  • 5-Axis cutting capability for endless geometry
  • 55″ x 55″ cutting surface
  • Cutting tolerances held to +/- 0.003″
  • Simple materials to complex composites
  • Enabled for both abrasive and water only cutting
  • Ability to cut steel up to 6” thick
  • Water only option for softer material types
  • Rapid prototyping or OEM production

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