Phase Change Material (PCM)

Phase Change Material Overview

Phase Change Materials (PCM)

PCM’S are substances that absorb and release thermal energy during the process of melting and freezing. When a PCM freezes, it releases a large amount of energy in the form of latent heat at a relatively constant temperature.

EverTherm EVSP Series Phase Change Sheet

EverTherm EVSP series is a thermally conductive phase change material having a softening temperature of 50-65℃ . The liquid phase of the material can fill interface irregularities with much higher efficiency than traditional gap filler. It is a solid at room temperature and can be handled easily during the installation process.

Typical Applications

  • Solar heating
  • electronic battery cooling
  • air handling
  • communications
  • electronics
  • automotive
  • transportation
  • smart homes
  • food storage
Phase Change Material

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