Cable Coating

EverSorb CC Cable Coating

EverSorb CC Cable Coating

CR Technology utilizes sophisticated and advanced filler processing to create EverSorb CC Cable Coating. The result is a family of highly permeable materials designed for maximum RF absorption. With its unique formulation for EMI suppression, EverSorb CC provides versatile solutions that support a wide variety of cable noise related problems.

EverSorb CC Cable Coting materials eliminate signal mode issues in cable assemblies. The CC series is the only EMI noise absorption technology that can be either wrapped over the cable directly or seamlessly integrated over the wire under the jacket during the extrusion process.

Signal Integrity

The term Signal Integrity (SI) addresses two concerns from the electrical design perspective – the timing and the quality of the signal. Does the signal reach its destination when it is supposed to? And also, when it gets there, is it in good condition? The goal of signal integrity is to ensure reliable high-speed data transmission.

Signal integrity involves the electrical performance of cables and connectors used to transfer signals and data from one place to another within electronic devices. Signal integrity (SI) is a measure of the quality of an electrical signal. In digital electronics, a stream of binary values is represented by voltage or current waveform. Over short distances and at low bit rates, a simple conductor can transmit sufficiently. However, at high bit rates and over longer distances, various effects can degrade the electrical signal to the point where errors may occur and the system or device fails. Some of the main issues of concern for signal integrity are traveling waves, ringing, cross talk, ground bounce and power supply noise.

EverSorb CC maximizes signal integrity by encapsulating the entire length of the cable. EverSorb CC is non-conductive and loaded with our proprietary fillers which are tailored to exact customer specifications. Once the cable is coated, the absorber allows signals to be easily transmitted from one end to the other. No interference, no delays, just pure speed to the target.

Eliminate Ferrite Chokes

Available in many shapes, sizes and names including beads, chokes, dongles, toroids, inductors, bumps, clamps, blocks, cores, rings- they are all passive low-pass filters. The geometry and electromagnetic properties of coiled wire over the ferrite bead result in a high resistive impedance mostly for high-frequency signals. When frequencies escalate, using the “choke” method often results in the energy re-directed back up the cable. When EverSorb CC Cable Coating is applied unwanted noise and interference are absorbed and dissipated throughout the entire length of the cable. Ferrite chokes are unsightly, heavy, labor intensive to install, fragile, and most of all add significant weight. Cables coated with EverSorb CC now become smooth, streamlined – excessive weight, labor and electronic noise issues are eliminated.

Ferrite Choke
Cable Wrapping

Cable Wrapping

CR Technology has automated capabilities for wrapping customer supplied cables with unique design configurations, ribbon style cables, large format cables or volume that is not conducive for extruding directly over the cable. Once we identify the frequency and type of disruption, we will develop the material formulation to be applied. Please contact us for additional details.

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