EMI Liquid Absorber

Liquid Cure in Place EMI Absorber


CR Technology has developed our EverSorb LA (Liquid Absorber) material which can be used with any form in place (FIP) dispensing machine. Like our standard absorber sheet material, EverSorb LA can be tuned to any operating frequency offering maximum electrical performance tuned to a broad spectrum of frequencies ranging from 1-60 GHz.

CR Technology can also tailor cure time to meet customer specific requirements for cure duration, heat cure or ambient cure. This material can be manually dispensed or CRT can adjust viscosity levels to integrate seamlessly into any automated form in place production line. EverSorb LA Series EMI absorbing material is simply dispensed into any die-cast shield or electronic housing assembly. Once dispensed into the cavity it will self-level and set up for cure. It can also be dispensed onto any surface in the housing where it will maintain shape and form a cured EMI Absorber Pad.

Liquid Cure in Place EMI Absorber
Better Electrical Performance

Better Electrical Performance

By utilizing our custom blended-fillers it is now possible to get better performance than traditional peel and stick absorber and also use less material. Adhesives with peer and stick microwave and EMI absorbers can degrade electrical performance. Because there is no adhesive and the dispensed material migrates onto the side walls providing complete contact and coverage within the cavity housing. This has shown improved electrical performance over traditional peel and stick absorbers. Eversorb LA offers maximum and complete contact, eliminates the intensive labor involved with peeling and sticking, eliminates and potential adhesive drop out, uses less material and provides better performance.

Advantages EverSorb LA Absorber

Some of the most important advantages of using cure-in-place absorbers are their adaptability across a wide variety of conditions and the ability to produce intricate details. It is possible to dispense large or small cavities with extreme accuracy. Another important benefit is the installation speed at which the FI process travels. Once the liquid FIP absorber is dispensed, there is no additional work to assemble the product. It creates a turnkey solution that is ready for use.

Cure in place
LA Pad

Cost Advantage

The ease of a dispensable system requires 65-68% less material, elimination of cutting, peeling/sticking, assembly, handling and adhesive concerns while providing tremendous cost advantage. All this, combined with a better performing product is an exciting new product for any high-volume application.


Form-in-place gaskets have been used in virtually every industry due to their precision, and durability. EverSorb LA has taken the same technology concept used for FIP shielding gaskets and delivered the first non-conductive cure-in-place Liquid EMI Absorber to the electronics industry.

  • Electronics: electronic enclosures, GPS systems, satellite communication, semiconductors
  • Automotive: driver-assist
  • Medical devices: ventilators, oxygenators, dialysis machines
  • Communications: WiFi routers, mobile devices, cellphone stations
  • Satellite: Radio receivers

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